Hello there and welcome!

My name is Jeff Hagan and I like to write. My topics can vary but are primarily related to biblical and theological issues or doctrine. I am of the non-denominational, yet Reformed, mindset just in case you need to put me in a mold. Communication and content can be: funny, serious, deep, shallow, light-hearted, intense, direct, rambling, precise, and ranting.

For those needing  credentials: I am an ordained Christian minister with 23+ years of ministry experience; I am the Founder of True Grace Ministries and Theological Institute where I currently serve as President; I hold two doctorates (ThD & CEdD), two masters (MABS & MCC), and a BA with a double major in Behavioral Science and Biblical Studies.

More of my musings can be found on Patheos Evangelical, Pulpit & Pen (at least for now), Preachology, Faithwriters.com, Booksie.com, and Journezine.

I invite you to relax, read, reminisce, and react.